Back in 2014 in Beijing, a handful of women, including two from our board, met in Rebecca Archer’s living room with a few bags of their spare clothing to auction off and a plan to send the raised money to a local charity.

After this first event, many were hooked. Private social media groups allowed for stronger connections between the women in-between events, as they posted pictures of themselves in their new outfits. Sometimes the previous owners shared stories of the clothing posted. Women were meeting others they would normally not come in contact with, allowing for a stronger communal connection in the city. In just a few years time, the network grew to over 500 women, multiple countries, and several events per month.

The Clothing Auction Network has stayed true to its roots, bringing women together for stronger social bonds, together working for a cause in clothing and in charity, all while having fun.

We aim to empower women to lead their own local chapters and seek to educate many more about the global toll caused by untamed aspects of the fashion industry.

Learn how to join with us as a host or a visitor at a local clothing auction or collaborate with us on a larger scale.